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A $199 Trillion Nightmare is Building

Debt Spiral

A $199 Trillion Nightmare is building and expanding each and every day, and this news is what 90-year old Richard Russell describes is a Nightmare that Central Banks worldwide don’t want the average man to know about. Russell also believes that the greatest gift we all have is peace of mind, and feels that a hundred or a thousand years from now, Silver & Gold will still represent total peace of mind for those who own their share.

Gold & Silver are Peace of Mind

If you own Wealth, it is only yours while you’re alive on earth. God is the source of all Wealth, and we only borrow it while we are alive. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet know this, and they have willed all of their personal Wealth to charity upon their death. Real Wealth is something that every man needs to consider in these troubling times ahead of us all.


This was the headline that informed readers of the Financial Times very recently. The article explained that back In 2007, World Debt was only $142 trillion dollars, and in 2014 world debt had grown to a staggering $199 trillion dollars, and that alarming figure keeps growing by the day. Russell explains that the world’s balance sheet today is totally insane, and Incredibly, instead of deleveraging, the Central Banks around the world have continued to leverage.

With World Debt ballooning out of total control beyond $199 trillion dollars, which surprisingly is double where it was back in the year 2000. Central Banks have a never ending nightmare looming that they cannot control, even if they tried. To offset this crazy and growing Debt Spiral, Russell believes it can be Gold & Silver to the rescue for the Average Man, Woman and Child.

Strangely, every Central Bank is now buying up Gold as quickly as they can obtain it. So what do these Central Banks know that the average man doesn’t? They know that this ongoing Nightmare cannot be controlled at all, and that at sometime soon ahead, the price of precious metals will move substantially higher, and unfortunately away from the reach of the average man to protect his personal wealth.

Russell believes that it is very ironic, that Americans have been battered for years with Anti-Gold and Precious Metals Propaganda, and consequently most Americans own very little, or no precious metals at all. He explains that generally when the chips are down, the retail public is never in the right spot, and unfortunately taking advantage of the incredible blessing now that is staring them right in the face!

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