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The Swiss Currency Bombshell


The Swiss currency bombshell has already sent Global Shockwaves that will be felt for many years to come, and could very well flag the start with other countries doing the same. In the attached video preview of the Wealth Cycles Report for January 2015, Mike Maloney shares his insight by using historical examples to show why the global ramifications of the Swiss currency revaluation, may be a lot more severe than you think.

“This is desperate’ says Mike, the Central Banks are now backed into a corner, and everything that I’ve been predicting for many years is starting to unfold here, it’s unfolding very slowly and on a scale that is huge. But it’s not going to be slow forever. There’s going to come a day where slow turns into very fast, and a lot of this stuff will happen overnight…for instance, this out of the blue Swiss currency unpeg.

Nobody knew it was coming, and it happened immediately. The good news is that these things always eventually end up being very good for Precious Metals. I don’t look forward to the Economic Chaos that we are about to go through, but we’ll get through it, and it’ll be a different world when we come out the other side. Hopefully what ends up happening is that Free Enterprise, Free Markets, Capitalism and Sound Money win overall. That would be the best outcome.”

Author: Mike Maloney, January 2015

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