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2015 Silver Tsunami Return-Wave


David Smith believes that a 2015 Silver Tsunami Return-Wave is soon coming. He also believes that a three digit Silver price is well on the way, and that when precious metals prices eventually start to run north, there will be no stopping that surge for quite some time! This almost nine minute podcast should give you great hope that 2015 should flag the re-start of the bull run in precious metals that started many ago, and has many more years to go.

Gold & Silver have had continued interest in the physical markets, despite central banks manipulating their prices downward to ridiculous levels. However that is all about to change in 2015, with a rally that should finally give great relief to all those people who have been accumulating both or either Gold & Silver,  and finally confirming that they did the right thing to protect their wealth and financial future, whilst they still could!

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