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A Case for $20,000oz Gold

A case for $20,000oz Gold Debt Collapse is a 90 minute YouTube Video that was produced over 3 years ago while Mike Maloney was touring the world to deliver a very important message. Mikes message was to explain how and why Precious Metals like Gold & Silver will soon be back in the spotlight in a big way soon, and leading into the second half of this decade.

Both Gold & Silver have had massive rollercoaster rides in their market price value over the past 3 years, however all of that price volatility has been caused through unscrupulous manipulation of their market price by key and very wealthy banksters abusing the paper and futures markets, utilizing the help of manipulating algorithms to crash the precious metals prices in very short periods of time, when most of the world is sleeping.

Mike Maloney has a passion to share with the world that wealth can be acquired by taking advantage of cycles that have repeated over and over again through history. The big difference that will occur with this next wealth cycle, is that many more people can participate in this wealth exchange, thanks to the world wide web and the knowledge that can be gleaned using its services.

What we should all discern from this wisdom being shared by Mike here is that Gold & Silver are coming into their prime time this decade, and for all that seize this moment and invest some of their wealth into these precious metals will be richly rewarded for their efforts, as Fiat paper currencies start collapsing around the world, and this includes “The not so mighty anymore” U.S Dollar.

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