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Silver will Soon Explode in Value

silver on the move

A very precious Metal in Silver will soon explode in value according to John Embry in a recent pod-cast on Shadow of Truth. I have attached a copy of this podcast below where John discusses this important topic at length, along with Dave Kranzler. They discuss the constant and relentless Market Manipulation of both the Gold & Silver market prices, and how the powers to-be cannot seem to keep Silvers market price below $16 per ounce anymore, because despite all their heavy handed actions, the Silver market price rebounds back above this now very stable resistance level.

Gary Christenson explains things brilliantly about Silver. “If you are stacking Silver (or Gold) then appreciate the the gift of lower prices, that has been given to us all by the Central Banks, and HF Traders who wish to pretend that all is well in our Global Financial Systems”.

Many topics are covered on this insightful 40 min pod-cast, including their take on Jade Helm, and if you don’t know what that means, I’m sorry, you should listen very carefully to find out for yourself from this discussion. September keeps popping up as a month that could flag a Huge Crisis in the U.S, and the gentleman also discuss this possibility as a trigger month for great change in the West, and a huge revival for Precious Metals….

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