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Skyrocketing Gold & Silver Prices Ahead


Richard Russell known as the Godfather of newsletter writers, believes that we will soon see skyrocketing Gold & Silver Prices ahead, as the Global Financial Crisis accelerates. Many advisors are warning of massive movements in the Stock and Bond markets ahead, and some are warning of a Severe Crash in the U.S Dollar, as the rising U.S Dollar has hurt U.S exports very badly.

The Truth, QE4 And Silver Scarcity

Russell’s suspicions are that the government and the Fed have praised the U.S Economy beyond reality, and in due time the truth will come out. The U.S Economy is sadly lagging and a few observers have even suggested that the U.S Economy is already in Recession. If this turns out to be true, the U.S Dollar will Crash, and the Fed may even turn to QE 4 without blinking an eye.
It’s a dramatic situation unlike anything he’s ever seen.

Physical Silver supplies will become very scarce in the coming months, as this very precious metal is now priced well below the cost of production for many producers in today’s markets. Producers are threatening to freeze their productions until prices return to a more profitable range, and those threats could be all it takes to accelerate the price of Silver in the marketplace.

U.S Dollar Worries

The U.S Dollar is overstretched, overloved and overbought at present, and the key to the future will be whether the U.S Dollar breaks out of this formation or whether the dollar breaks below it. On the basis of it’s high pole formation, it looks to me as if the Dollar is overdue to correct. The true shape of the U.S Economy will be the critical factor in the forth coming trend of the Dollar.

The Death Of Fiat Currencies

Russell believes in the next year or so we will see the death of Fiat Currencies and very probably the death of the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks. A nation should issue its own currency backed by Silver or Gold. The U.S Constitution made no mention of a central bank and I’m sure the founding fathers would have disapproved of the Banking Cartel which is better known as the Federal Reserve.

“Skyrocketing Prices” For Gold & Silver

Russell’s final advice continues to be: hold Physical Silver & Gold. If my thinking proves to be true, we will see skyrocketing prices for the precious metals ahead. God bless America, the home of the brave and the beacon of democracy, and the only nation that dares to say, “In God we trust.” Speaking of God, thank God we have Russell to help to guide us through this chaotic cycle, regardless of what lies on the other side!

Article found on King World News

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